Yellow House English
Yellow House English

Building a Bilingual Future with English for Children

Yellow House English aims to deliver a bilingual future to children through its programme of home and preschool courses, teacher training, advice for parents online evaluation and communication systems.

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  • Goal –
    A Bilingual Future

    Goal –<br/>A Bilingual Future

    Great for families at home

  • Universal Preschool

    Universal Preschool<br/>Course

    Ideal for teachers

  • Home-learning
    from birth

    Home-learning<br/>from birth

    Perfect for Head Teachers

  • Guide for Teachers
    and Parents

    Guide for Teachers<br/> and Parents

    Solution for governments

Great for families at home:
  • Children love it and learn English naturally
  • Parents don’t need to know English
  • Access anywhere any time with the mobile app
  • Children learn English daily to prepare for school
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Ideal for teachers:
  • HD films and songs set learning contexts
  • Lesson plans direct use of on and off-screen teaching tools
  • Online communications system wins support from parents
  • PLUS version for English teachers, Standard for class teachers
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Perfect for Head Teachers:
  • The only complete English solution you need to buy
  • Parents choose preschools that use this programme
  • Promotes higher achievement in pupils, trains teachers<
  • Simple to buy, simple to use, easy to renew
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Solution for governments:
  • The Bilingual Programme delivers better educational outcomes for pupils through broader cognitive development
  • A bilingual workforce is economically stronger
  • Bilingualism promotes greater cultural flexibility
  • It delivers results to parents and benefits for children
  • It follows a unique methodology from expert, Claire Selby
  • It trains teachers and targets bilingualism in one generation
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Our goal – building a bilingual future

  • Our goal

    Our goal is to give every child the opportunity to become bilingual with English. We aim to achieve that goal by making English learning materials that are:

    • Affordable for all preschools
    • Available for all pupils
    • Accessible for all preschool teachers to use (Standard)
    • Advanced for qualified English teachers (PLUS)
    • Accelerated for bilingual preschools (Expert version)
    • Adapted for pupils with learning difficulties (Easy play)
  • Can every child be bilingual?

    Yes! Every child can learn at least three languages from birth easily

    • Children can hear the differences between languages from a couple of days old
    • Children aged 0-6 automatically copy the pronunciation of language perfectly
    • Children aged 0-6 automatically learn and apply any grammatical structure
  • Why is it important?

    • Children who learn a second language from birth develop higher intellectual capacity
    • Bilingual children generally have better problem solving skills
    • Children who know English well have better access to educational resources internationally
    • Bilingual children have better job prospects
  • How can our children become bilingual?

    • Start hearing and playing with an additional language from birth or before the age of three at the latest
    • Learn a little every day both at home and at school
    • Learn naturally through play-with-a-purpose
    • Learn according to the Spiral Language System™ method
    • Become an independent learner through reading by the age of 10

The materials target the highest educational standards and top entertainment production quality so that children will choose to use them at home and at preschool.


Yellow House English has offices in the UK and Poland. In other countries, we work with well-established publishing partners. For more details, please send an email to

  • Claire Selby

    CEO and Author
    Claire Selby

    Claire founded the Yellow House English brand in 2000 in response to parents’ requests for materials to help the youngest children learn English. Claire has over fifteen years’ experience in writing series for home and school learning, including courses for Cambridge University Press, Oxford University Press and FLTRP.

  • Eluned Hallas

    International Customer Support
    Eluned Hallas

    Eluned joined the UK operation a year ago and has expanded her role to include international licensee and customer support. Send your email request for information to her at

  • Waldek Miksa

    YHE SA Poland CEO
    Waldek Miksa

    Waldek leads the Polish operation and is a key link to the Bilingual Future Social Education Programme for Yellow House English. His teenagers were among the first children to learn English with YHE in pre-primary over ten years ago!

  • Hubert Giziewski

    YHE SA Poland Client support
    Hubert Giziewski

    Hubert has been working with the brand YHE for many years. He supports teachers and Local Authorities in Poland with product sales, presentations and administration. Hubert has a young daughter who is already enjoying the Baby Beetles at home!

  • Marcin Rodziewicz

    YHE SA Poland Product and Technical Management
    Marcin Rodziewicz

    Marcin joined the team in November 2015 to help manage the fast expansion in Poland in the areas of sales, product management and technical support. Marcin’s daughter is a Tom and Keri fan!


Our 15 year history in pictures!

The first book and tape is launched in Smyk, the flagship children's store in Warsaw, Poland


Christmas promotion in Smyk - the series outsells Harry Potter!

Guests celebrate the launch party


Polish National Radio promotes the first series on air

Our narrator aged 7 gets her own bilingual radio show on Polish Radio Bis. Children from all over the country call in to sing along with her in English

International versions follow in 2003, 2004 and 2005


In 2004, the singers return to record the Baby Beetles!


Then our narrator, Zenia, heads to China to perform Claire's winning Olympic song China World, chosen for the Beijing Olympic international album

In 2009, the Baby Beetles set off, animated at last!


The first decade is celebrated in style with the launch of the Baby Beetles animated series at Magdalen College and a concert performance on piano by Zosia Miksa, one of Yellow House English’s first pupils!

2012 is a big year for Yellow House English. The new series, Tom and Keri, is a finalist at Cannes for the MipJunior Best Children's Animation award


In 2013, the Baby Beetles Russian edition wins an Elton nomination


Then goes on to win gold at the Moscow International Book Fair


in 2014, both the Beetles and Tom and Keri win joint gold as Children's Product of the Year in Russia!

2015 is our 15th anniversary year - and begins with the launch of the revolutionary Universal Preschool Course


International portal launch